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Teak Tree
The Teak Tree, or Tectona, is one of the tropical hardwood birches, included in the family Verbenaceae. This tree is originally from the plantations of South East Asia, and can grow to a height of 30 - 40 m. As part of its life cycle, this tree sheds its leaves every year at dry season. Its longevity is very great, the Teak tree often living to an age of 100 years. Teak is especially noted for its capacity to withstand changes in the weather and season. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the Teak to bend, but not break, in the face of high winds.

Also, the Teak tree resin typically has an oil in its Galih (Cambium/heartwood) that is highly water resistant. This content alone can protect the Teak from decay, insects, and bacteria. At the same time, the combination of unique Teak tree content and thick fibers make it easier to cut and then later sculpt into pleasing forms. Because of this special characteristic, not found in other trees, there has always been interest in using Teak wood for various types of furniture. The teak trees found in South-East Asia forests reach a height of up to 150 feet, have reddish-green leaves with rough skin, and heartwood that is brown to dark gold in color. Of the main teak producers in the area, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Philippine, and Malaysia, Indonesia's teak is considered of the highest quality in the world.

Teak Plantation
Cultivation and conservation of the Teak tree in Indonesia is managed by the government of Indonesia, Perum Perhutani (Forestation Company of Government). The largest  producer of teak in  Indonesia is Java. Its geography and weather are highly suitable to Teak tree plantations; Java Island is also a manufacturing center where many furniture workers are employed to process the wood of the Teak tree into unique and beautiful furniture. To get teak wood of the highest quality, there are some things that must  be carefully attended to in the retrieval process. The older Teak trees, of up to 40 years in age,  are the best ones to be cut. In fact, the older the Teak tree, the better will be the quality of its wood. Before cutting the Teak tree, the water content must be drained from the tree by making a cut at its under side. This draining process takes time, 1 to 2 years, in order to get the Teak tree dry enough that it can be cut into Teak wood, and so ready for its main use as the material for furniture and other  products.

In India, Teak wood, because of its durability, is used - in addition to its use in furniture and other products - in the production of door and window frames. In Denmark, noted the world over for the stylishness and practicality of its furniture products - with teak, once again, as the main material - because of the increasing demand, and decreasing supply, the price of their furniture products has greatly increased - while in Indonesia, Teak wood is exported abroad and also used as the main material for furniture.

Teak Aesthetics And Characteristics

Teak WoodThe most salient characteristic of Teak  is its resistance to all kinds of weather.  Because of this,  it is also resistant to decay and easily repels insects. This is one of the reasons that, unlike other woods, it is often used as the main material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak wood holds its form over many years, even if left outside, and because of this it has often been used for the decking of ships - with its special aroma, cruise ships in particular.

Other characteristics of teak are its elasticity and solid fiber, both of which facilitate woodworking and the ability of woodworkers to create products, such as our own at, that are both beautiful and durable.

Teak PlantationAnother reason for the beauty of teak wood products is the special oil content in its heartwood,  which makes this wood always seen to gleam -  maintaining this glow even if it is left outside for a long  period of time. Additionally, Teak wood with its antibacterial characteristics will not become brittle. The owner of teakwood furniture, therefore, will not even find it necessarily to add a preservative to keep it looking like new. Even so,  it can occasionally benefit from some polishing, or the application of some varnish, to enhance its natural beauty.

Teak Wood In The World View

Kid and Teak TreeThrough much of recorded history Teak wood has been relied upon and trusted for its uncommon strength. This wood is highly prized by lovers and collectors of furniture the world over. Because of it's rareness and the limited supply of teak in the world, teak is increasingly being sought  after and its price increasing. The reputation of Teak throughout the whole world in producing furniture of the highest quality has, however, never faltered.

Indonesia, as the biggest teak supplier in the world, is very committed to preserving the Teak tree through both practical and visionary government programs. It is only through Perum Perhutani (Forestation Company of Government) that Indonesia can supply Teak wood for export. Not only this, but because of the skill of our woodworkers and artisans, Indonesia  produces some of the most unique and interesting furniture products to be found anywhere in the world.

Teak plantation Furniture hunters the world over immediately recognize the characteristics of teak, and always stop to look at Indonesian teak products, so reflective of our history and culture. The demand for this Teak wood has increased so much that the Indonesian government has been forced to implement a plantation program entailing the cultivation, use, and protection of our Teak trees.

This is because the teak is a perennial plant, and of great importance to the economy of Indonesia. Construction material and furniture that comes from  Indonesian teak wood each have their own increasing market, as well as increasing  value. Generally,  Teak trees are harvested only after they have reached ten years; although new technology has yielded certain Teak types called 'Jati Genjah' (Fast Growing)  that are also of excellent quality.This will help Indonesia  to continue to be the preeminent supplier of teak in the world.

Dry Teak woodThe strength and beauty of its fiber is the primary reason that Teak wood  continues to be a main choice for furniture material. The desire for Teak products is increasing, both in our country and also abroad, but the supply is not keeping up because the growth cycle of the conventional Teak tree is long. In fact, as the supply diminishes the desirability for Teak products that have already been produced, often considered as collectibles, and Teak products that are still being produced, as by companies such as ours at GiantChess, com,  continues to grow. applies formally to Perum Perhutani for its teak material, which is from the teaks that are planted for "wooding up" in the plantations. Perum Perhutani  sees that a cultivation of seeding is done every year to replace the big Teak trees which have been chosen to be cut.

On this page we have presented some pictures of: Teak cultivation, Teak forest, the "scratch" of a Teak tree, and others.

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