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Shipping is trusted by Chess players and Chess collectors the world over because of the quality of our products and the management of our company. There are many distributors and exporters with whom we work to make our products widely available. We also have dealers in many areas of America, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere, who can help in the purchasing and delivery of our products to you. can deliver its products through land, air, or sea. Our delivery is done through land and air if one of our dealers is in your city, state, or country, and can make ready the goods based on your order. This way you can accomplish the purchasing process swiftly. Delivery through land and air will also be done and take about one week if your goods are light in weight. If there are no dealers in your vicinity, we will send your order through shipping. The speed of this delivery is influenced by the weight of the goods. If your order includes a chess set of 24" or upward, delivery will take about one month. A custom order could take a little longer, depending on what is being ordered. Whatever the case, if you are interested in purchasing any of the Chess products produced by GiantChess - many not found anywhere else in the world, or with nearly the same quality - you should not hesitate to order from us, or doubt that your delivery will arrive as ordered. Since there are no minimum orders at, you can order as few of our products or as many as you wish, and we will fulfill your wish as soon as possible.

1. Delivery Time

The delivery process will begin almost immediately after we receive the confirmation of your order and payment. Once this has been undertaken, you should be very confident that your goods will arrive as ordered.

2. Finishing

For a product that is categorized as custom,  we may need a longer time to process your request, and so a longer delivery time should be expected. However, we can guarantee that you will be delighted with our product when it does arrive, and to your specification, including the Chess pieces we provide in various custom colors, such as; wine red, red wood, ivory, aqua blue, forest green, broken white, silk grey, etc. You also can order other Chess pieces or other products with your own color. We will provide your order based on the color that you want.

3. Packing

It is important for you as customer to know that the packing and delivery of products meets or passes every delivery standard. All of our goods are packed and fumigated in strong and sterile pallets, so  you won't have to worry about  damage or contamination of any kind.

4. Prices

You can find out the price for each of our products by contacting us, most easily and conveniently,  through email. You can tell us the products you are interested in and ask us to describe what the cost of your order will be in detail. Prices include shipping from our factory to the nearest city that can be reached by shipping agent. Tax & Customs not included.

5. Payment

The payment can be made  through Electronic Bank transfer; or, if there is a dealer in your country,  you may provide payment through Credit Card or an Electronic  Bank. transfer. All Sales are Final !
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