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Wooden Vs Plastic

Wooden Chess Vs Plastic ChessFurniture products, antique or modern, have most often been crafted in Wood. This is because people everywhere cherish both the warm feel and polished look of processed wood.

The wood we use in our creations, teak wood of the finest quality, is not only known and prized for these qualities, but also for its strength and resistance to wear in all seasons. Teak wood is quite substantial:  this is because the wood contains oil of teak, a substance which greatly contributes to its water resistance. This element alone allows teak  to avoid the decaying and infesting by insects to which many other woods are subject. These are just some of the many reasons that teak products, often considered as works of art in themselves, are so desirable.


The lighter alternative, which is not nearly as impressive as wood, either in appearance or feel, is plastic. Other considerations that might enter into your decision of which to purchase:

Plastic is artificial; wood is natural.

chessPlastic is not biodegradable over centuries; wood is. The processing of plastic releases contaminants into the environment; the cutting of wood does not.
When purchasing products made of plastic, there are often hidden flaws that the buyer cannot discern; the same is not the case for most wood products, and especially for teak.

Teak has both high artistic value and high practical value; while plastic is mostly known for its practical value.

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